Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Fun, Movies and Magazines!

Good morning all! How was your weekend? Mine involved a whirlwind trip back to Auckland to surprise my Dad on his 80th birthday! The look on his face when I turned up at the door on Friday afternoon was priceless (sorry no pix!). It was a special time with family and being able to catch-up with friends.

Plus, I was able to indulge in some magazine reading on the plane (even though I have tried to hone back on my magazine purchases!) The latest Home Beautiful and Australian House and Garden are definitely worth a read if you live Down Under.

I now want to make this recipe - fettucine with prawns, tomato, chilli and capers ...

Home Beautiful, pg 148

Was inspired by these grey tones and industrial style in this room ...

Home Beautiful, pg 49.
 And got caught up in the romanticism and dreamy whites of stylist Lyn Gardener's home - even though it's not really my style ...

Australian House & Garden, pg 94.

And the Australian House & Garden even came in handy when I couldn't watch the gruesome arm-chopping scene in the movie '127 Hours' - as a screen cover! 

P.S. If you haven't seen it, don't be put off by the five minutes of yuk as it is a fanstically done movie - very gripping and heart-wrenching knowing that it is a true story. I'm note sure if it's up for any Oscars but I can't wait to find out what movies will be winners. What are your picks?


  1. Great weekend to be in Auckland - lovely weather! I should have asked you to hand deliver the mags - I'll have to wait a few weeks which always drives me mad. I went to the Poi Room finally last week - I remember you recommending it months ago - has some fabulous stuff. A x

  2. Ann - Oh yes, I could have but it was a bit of a whirlwind trip! The Poi Room is great - one of my favourite shops and one in which I could just about buy the whole store!! Hope all's well.

  3. Hi jane, I did watch the movie - but had to turn it off!! at first i tried just not looking, but it got too much.. and as I was already feeling a bit under the weather, i quickly got light headed and started to faint! That has never happened to me before! I was really enjoying it until that point! Just didnt get to see the end though!
    That was so lovely of you to surprise your dad like that! I can only imagine the look on his face - moments like that you will remember forever! Glad that you were in a safe part of new zealand though!
    Laura xxx

  4. Hiya Jane....!

    Don't you just LOVE Lyn Gardener's place....Makes me wwant to move from the burbs to a run down factory in the city....!!

    I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm SURE when I do I'll need a GREAT magazine to lose myself in as well....!

    Tamarah :o)

  5. How much fun to surprise your Dad! He'd have loved it I'm sure.
    Don't tempt me with more magazines, I've tried to wean myself off these! It's so difficult!

  6. I asked for the Australian House & Garden subscription from my Kris Kringle .... its the gift that keeps on giving :) Thanks for the taster I'll be eagerly watching my mailbox for the next few days awaiting its arrival. I'm your newest follower, nice to meet you.


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