Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Dreamin' About ...

... Books!

And wondering if we have enough book shelving in the new house. We've got built-in shelving planned for the study but that's it and our current old bookcase is now unusable thanks to the chewed sides as decorated by our dog!!

Here's what I like ...

Both images from the one apartment via Trendland.

And here's a cute idea for recyling vintage books to make your own shelving ...

Image via Belle Maison

P.S Am currently reading 'Noah's Compass' by Anne Tyler and can't put it down! Highly recommend it for those looking for a good read.

Noah's Compass

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guess what this is?

I bet no one guessed a bank! Right?

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture has pulled off (I reckon) a unique and fun take on what they call a 'rainbow mille-feuille' design for the exterior of the Shimura Branch of the Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokyo, Japan.

How cool is it?

They describe it as: 'A rainbow-like stack of colored layers, peeking out from the fa├žade to welcome visitors. Reflected onto the white surface, these colors leave a faint trace over it, creating a warm, gentle feeling. At night, the colored layers are faintly illuminated. The illumination varies according to the season and time of day, conjuring up myriad landscapes'.

Even the inside is different with the ceiling adorned in dandelion puff motifs made to look like they float and drift through the air.

I think I'd bank here if I lived in Tokyo!

Images via The Contemporist

Monday, May 16, 2011

A window here, a garage there ...

 Windowless kitchen window viewed from deck.

A window here, a window there ... I wish there were windows everywhere!

 View from eastern side of deck through to the entrance way.

Okay, so that was a poor attempt at a rhyme but it is, oh, so true.
 Front entrance

However, glass did arrive on site on Friday and it has started to go in today and the window company assured us that by this Friday it will all be in. Crack open the bubbly but don't crack the glass!

Other news: the garage is going up.

And the Lilly pillys are going in along the boundary fence by the pool.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Interior designers, sofas, rugs and windows

Hello, everyone! I'm back! Had a rather longer hiatus than I'd intended mainly because of over-commitments and increasingly frustrating delays with the house which was making me feel less than inspired.

Update: still not all the windows have been put in! Can you believe it? How a company can be in such disarray for windows sizes to be continually wrong and for them to be unable to meet any deadlines that are put to them is unfathomable. But only in the building trade, I guess. As I have already mentioned, all we need now is Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs) to do a close-up to camera.

Nonetheless, I have been plodding on with interior stuff which is a little tricky when you have less than a 'done' house to work with. For instance, how to chose curtains/blinds when you have no windows? My solution: enlist the help of an interior designer. My friend Rachel of Olsen ID has been a godsend. She has taken away the gumpf cluttering my mind and turned it into something amazing. Well, that's what it looks like in mini samples on the floor - a mood board of sorts (sorry, no photos). She has managed to cut the wood from the trees, the daisies from the meadow, the birds from the bees ... what? Nevermind, you get my drift.

Having decided to upgrade our sofa, the mere fact of finding a new one became a bigger and ever more confusing job than we had ever expected. It seemed the pressure to find the 'right' one in the 'right' fabric that was going to suit our still incomplete living space that would last indefinitely proved all too much. And then hubby and I had to agree! Oh, hail, the interior designer. Thankfully, Rachel knew what I liked (the colour teal, primarily), where I was coming from (traditional contemporary, or something like that) and was able to pluck out suitable fabrics, wallpapers, paint colours and even a new twist to the underside of the kitchen island bench that all coordinated perfectly.

We managed to decide on the main fabric for the sofa (Westbury textiles, Lugano, colour Rye, if anyone is interested which sort of feels like velvet but sort of looks like linen - trust me, it works) but have yet to decide on the cushion fabric. Yet what I do have my heart set on is an amazing turquoise rug (something I never thought I'd have and neither did hubby who did require some convincing!) that is made from old bits of Turkish rugs and dyed the one colour. It looks like an antique sea (it's the one above and you can check it out and others in other colours here).

Tomorrow, I will be going back on site to see if maybe, just maybe, all the windows are in. And hopefully, I'll have some good news and some more pictures.

Until later ...


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