Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still no Roof but think about the Kiwis

Well, we're nearly at the end of February and we've still got no roof on the house when it was supposed to be on before Christmas!

And the reason is the gutters. I know - who would have thought a gutter could cause such a lengthy delay?

Turns out our architect had specified a special design of the guttering in keeping with the aesthetics of the build (which we weren't really aware of or maybe we just weren't paying any attention?!) and this has been causing some design problems for the company making it. While we, of course, appreciate good aesthetics,  we would much prefer a gutter that worked than just looked good!

Anyhow, I believe progress is being made and it is now on 'critical path' as they keep saying (which is builder's speak for being urgent!). 

Yet despite all of this, I feel hesitant to really complain about anything at all when my fellow Kiwis in Christchurch are suffering, what is being said to be, the worst natural disaster New Zealand has experienced. My heart goes out to them and so, really, who cares about gutters?


  1. It's a long and winding road, that leads... to your door. Okay the Beatles say it best, but you'll get there, and quite right, with all the natural disasters in this world of late, it feels somewhat incongruous when talking about my home stuff.

  2. Probably a good attitude to have Jane. It is so sad watching the footage on TV about Christchurch. Your roof will happen soon I am sure. ;-)

  3. How frustrating, but like you say, thinking beyond our backyard puts it into perspective. I do hope it all comes together for you sooner rather than later though.

  4. I am very impressed with the project!
    good luck!!!

  5. Roof is important for all architecture project and therefore need proper care when building roof. Give time but make sure that you get best roof for your project

  6. your this project looking good and i am sure that after getting roof this will look more good


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