Thursday, February 3, 2011

Help! Bathroom Lighting

Help me people! I need to source some lights for our ensuite bathroom. And I'm struggling to find anything that rocks my boat. Or am I being too fussy?

The thing is, we've got the ubiquitous downlight in the shower recess and over the bath and toilet but I'm wanting something that will offer great functionality but also look good either side of the mirror.

I love the chandelier option. But that just won't work in our bathroom.

Image via Modeco Design

And I can see the appeal of unobtrusive modern lights.

Image via Home Insights

Image via Halogen lamps

But I wonder if there's anything different out there that could be used. Not too different but a little. I know that's not much of a brief but I've got the electrician poised to begin the behind-the-scenes prep and I kind of need to let him know what we're putting there. Ideas, anyone?


  1. How about finding some old and well worn sconces. I think the juxtaposition with a modern bath could be fun! Images of your bath??

  2. I was also envisioning some decorative sconces... maybe with a touch of vintage crystal to add some glamour???

    Wicker & Stitch

  3. My friend has two standing corner lamps beside the normal ceiling lamp. It looks really fun:)
    Hugs and kisses, my dear

  4. Lovely inspirations! Perhaps, a cute little chandelier might do the trick. Enjoy the gorgeous week, Kellie xx

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