Friday, February 11, 2011

No more scaffolding!

More pretty pictures of the house as it stands ...

Hugh the Digger is back to work clearing the rubble at the front of the house to make room for the front garden, entrance walkway and garage (except I've just heard he's been a bit naughty and has inadvertently exposed the stormwater pipe underneath - aagh!)

View of the front entrance and the stairs going down to the second level.
There will one day be stairs going up as well!

And, turning around, this is the view out of the non-existent window to the covered deck outside the rumpus room.

View from the far end of the deck (the kitchen end) showing stairs going down to what will be the barbecue area.

View from the master bedroom through the ensuite to the study. There are a few wall structures missing, of course.

The deck outside the rumpus room, showing four of the transplanted tree ferns and the site office.

Eldest daughter's bedroom.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. It must be difficult being patient as it gets closer and closer! It's looking great :)

  2. how exciting - it's come so far!! you are going to have some lovely spaces there, the scale of the rooms looks great! jxx

  3. Wow! Things are really taking shape! Pleased to see Hugh is still around. After a visit to Trish's dream house blog I thought he had moved to her place! Hey I stumbled across one of your articles recently in a magazine at the medical centre where I work. You are one tough, and lucky lady. A story that will help many and touch all. Nice to catch up on your progress.
    x B

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