Monday, February 7, 2011

It's all coming along nicely

Having not posted many photos recently of the house, you must be wondering if we are actually still building one! But yes, despite still not having a roof over the upper living space - problems with some new-fangled gutter design our architect is wanting to have! - and being a few weeks behind, the build is forging ahead and we are supposedly still on track to meet the completion date. This time, at the site, I remembered my camera and, with the interior scaffolding now removed, I was able to click away with a vengeance.

It is so exciting to see the main living and kitchen space being formed - as it is the only part of the house that won't have internal brick cladding, we've had to wait for the steel supporting beams to be installed so that the timber frame and roof can go on. Even though there are no walls, we really got a sense of what it will be like.

Looking skyward on a scorching day.


The steel beams show where the house ends and the deck starts (excluding the beam that fixes itself to the deck railing). The roof will extend part-way over the deck for shade.

The steel work table to the left is kind of where the kitchen island bench will be.

Looking through to the pantry, mini wine cellar (I hesitate to use the word 'cellar' as it's more like a holding room for wines we will be about to quaff!) and toilet (not all in the one room, of course).

More images to come throughout the week ...


  1. It's looking much different with the roof on. It must be very exciting for you. I like the way the roof extends over the deck :)

  2. How exciting and such fun to watch it go up. Our builders are starting this week and I can't wait to see a frame like this. Looks like you have amazing views too. G

  3. Slowly but surely! How cool that your deck with have water views. xx

  4. WOW full steam ahead, how exciting when you can get a feel for the space, i love the idea of the wine cellar, mmm tasty!!!

  5. Wow Jane it's really taking shape - and I CAN see water - how heavenly.... my husband would love a place for his quaffing collection...! A x

  6. Wow! it's all progressing beautifully! XX

  7. Step by step and before you know it your new house will be all done!
    Happy new week and thanks for your sweet comment, I´m glad you enjoyed the post:)!

  8. Ah!!! So exciting! Cannot wait to see it finalized! :D

    P.S: I'm having a cool designer dress giveaway... interested? ;)


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