Monday, February 14, 2011

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

Where have I been not to have been aware of British designer Tracy Kendall's bespoke wallpaper?

Thankfully my interior design friend, Rachel, pointed her out to me a couple of days ago and suggested I consider one of her text designs for the toilet/powder room in the upstairs living area which I was planning on wallpapering.

You could catch up with world news (not sure on what exactly!) while you're spending a tinkle and emerge feeling instantly more knowledgeable with the Newsprint design.

Or take in a bit of Shakespeare with the Midsummer's Nights Dream paper.

Or ponder books you might one day read with the Books' designs.

I wouldn't put a set of cutlery in a toilet but how great would they look in a kitchen/dining space?

And I doubt sequinned wallpaper would last long in a household with children and dogs!

But I think one that might work is this Text design which reads whichever way you want!


  1. It's so unusual! Think I like the second from last the best though a Midsummer Nights Dream is nice. I'd quite like to use some wallpaper here but can't decide what and where. There are too many nice options out there :)

  2. Thank goodness for interior design friends hey?!

    This wallpaper is truly special - the feather is my absolute favourite and you've inspired me with that one piece alone to go and visit her sight.

    Felicity x

  3. Nice! Love a bit of text myself! You might also like these :

  4. I really love the Newsprint design. Thanks - you've given me some great inspiration.

  5. I have a real thing about reading on the loo - yuck! But this could be okay..... Love that newsprint... A x

  6. I love that first pic with the black feather on the white wall. Stunning!
    The ones with text looks great as well.
    Happy Valentine´s Day!

  7. I love these especially the last one, how great for a teenagers bedroom, as it happens I have some teenagers, LOL!!

  8. I love the feather. it looks so bold but not so much that it would overpower a room. Great find.

  9. so beautiful....the second one is my favorite!!
    great great idea, thanks for sharing them!!!


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