Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buidling Progress: Six weeks to go! (Are you kidding?)

I don't know who's kidding who but with only six weeks to go there's still a lot to do but there is progress ...

The bathrooms are ready to be tiled. Seen here: downstairs' bathroom - the bath will go along the back wall between the windows, the vanity under the recess, the toilet where the large pipe is coming out of the wall.

The walls are ready to be painted. Seen here: guest bedroom with the hole for the niche shelving above the bed and the wardrobe behind.

The bathroom appliances are being delivered in time for their placement. Seen here: the place where the master bath will go - just in case there is any confusion!

The entry is coming along.

The garage was coming along until it turned into a storage room.

The laundry is well ... a boy's loo!

And this: the view from up the path outside the property.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bedroom Mood Boards

Anyone interested in door handles?

Me neither!

So even though we've just finalised the door handles, I'd rather show you a bit of a taster of what is likely to be going on in the bedrooms (of course it could all change but we're getting to the pointy end so final decisions will have to be made!) ...

The master bedroom:
From left to right: curtains (Melaleuca Stripe in Sandstone), walls (Dulux Bone White), wallpaper behind bed (Jocelyn Warner Treetops in Birch), lampshades (Cloth Kangaroo Paw in Surf), bed (Chivasso in Tango). As it's all getting quite beige-gold, I'll need to bring in some more of the teal colour from the Cloth fabric - maybe in a doona cover or throw to liven it up.

Guest bedroom:
From left to right: red accent cushion (from The Poi Room in NZ), wallpaper behind the bed (Porter's Paints Dragonfly), niche shelving above bed (Resene Triple Masala), walls (Dulux Bone White), curtains (Westbury - Balthazar in Silver).

Girls' bedrooms
To tie in with their bedroom linen, the girls have chosen (with a little help from us!) paints to go on the wall behind their beds. Daughter #2 will have Porter's Paints Georgian Blue and Daughter #1 Porter's Paints Monkey Magic (both of which look better in person than in this photo!).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fancying ...

Image via The House that A-M Built via House and Garden

Summer and lazy days by a pool

Image via The Design Files

An ergonomic desk chair

This shower (but no close neighbours nearby!)

Image via All Women's Talk

Chocolate cake ... mmm, yum

What are you fancying right now?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Building Progress

As promised, here is a picture of the timber floors as they are going in in the living space. Coastal Spotted Gum is the timber and it will darken a bit when they are oiled. And hey presto, no nails!

The weatherboard cladding is being painted, well, white. Dulux Natural White to be specific.

The sandstone wall inside is nearing completion - here it is on the lower level and then the upper (sorry about the quality of the photos - they were taken on my phone).

And here is the tombstone of the last stone mason in the master bedroom!

Oh, exciting times ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Building Progress: 9 weeks to go!

With only two months to go (yes, that's right, we have to move out of our rental on September 10th!), things are moving full steam ahead. It will be tight but I'm positive we'll do it!

The outdoor sandstone wall by the pool is being built ...

And the internal sandstone wall that spans the entry down to the level below is underway.

The 'floating' stairs leading from the entry up to the living have been erected.

The timber floors are going down (pictures to come), the gyprocking is nearly completed, the joiner has begun making his 'bits', we have finalised the curtains and blinds and now, we have to decide on paint colours and pool tiles. Bring on those test pots!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flower Friday

Flowers are like a ray of sunshine, I reckon.

Love the picture arrangement in the background, too.

Who would have thought sticking them in a bird cage would work?

Okay, so the flowers aren't the main feature here but they add to the fun rug and mish-mash of stuff that looks comfy and welcoming.

What is going on with those frames? Kind of like it, though.

I think everyone should buy themselves a bunch of bright flowers - or pick their own - for the weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Homemade Cloth Cushions

There's been a lot of crafting going on here lately and I managed to make the two Cloth Fabric cushions for our bed without too much difficulty considering I've done nothing like this for about 25 years!!!

Well, I did sew one side the wrong way which needed unpicking and then some of the ribbon got caught up and that needed unpicking and re-sewing! But other than that, it went okay. Needless to say, daughter #1 helped with some of the sewing while I measured, cut, pinned and did the final sew.

I used offcuts of the lampshade fabric and then bits I'd bought as remnants.

For the backing I used Cloth Cream Hemp fabric and cream ribbon (I didn't want to attempt sewing zips!).

I think I could get into this cushion-making lark!

Monday, July 4, 2011

More DIY Lampshades

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When I was doing our bedside lampshades daughter #1 decided to give her plain white one some TLC.

With a hot glue gun and some braid she had it done in no time and now it coordinates even better with her bedlinen!


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