Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Much ado about the splashback

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know I had my heart set on a clear glass splashback in the kitchen right from the start. It was established that, providing we changed the current view from its lofty position (ie rickety old fence and a motley collection of neighbourly plants), it could be a great feature and would work well. You can see its long rectangular frame here, behind which we plan to have a row of bamboo planted on the ground floor below that will provide a vibrant splash of greenery and a nicer view.

The architect then suggested the splashback also act as a sliding window (to match other sliding windows in the house) and to have no joins and no visible framing. We said "sure". The builder was visibly excited about this design feature and was determined we - ie he, the architect, engineer and glass contractor - could do it.

Except only last week, we found out the engineering logistics required to make this happen. With such a long, big piece of glass it obviously needed to function safely and also be able to slide into the wall cavity and not affect the toilet window at the other end of the same wall.

Listening to them discuss the ins and outs and potential difficulties, we began to wonder if it needed to open at all. I mean, half the living area completely opens up anyway, so it's not like we need the ventilation.

Cue email to architect, saying: let's save some time and money and ditch the fully openable splashback and concentrate on something else - like sorting out the feature niches I'd like in the dining space or how we're going to move the tree ferns for a second time!


  1. Ha! The delights of building. I think quite a smart move having it not move, and will no doubt be a saving too. It's going to look great. I love bamboo and it's so fast growing it will be up in no time. I know the Gracilis Bamboo grows in 12-18mths to a few metres high and it's quite lovely.

  2. Glad you're able to say something before it turns into a problem. I love what you're thinking about with the bamboo.

  3. Your splashback feauture sounds wonderful and I think you were very sensible to not get carried away with making it open and focus on something else instead. xx

  4. I agree, a sensible decision that will no doubt save you a lot of money that can be spent elsewere. The bamboo idea is great :)

  5. Common sense prevails. I would be dissapointed for you if you lost your green outlook completely, but a fixed window is easy to live with and you'll still have a stunning feature in your kitchen.
    X B


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