Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY Lampshades

So ... I had a plain lampshade that I thought could do with a zshush.

And I bought another one so we could have two new bedside table lights.

I found some instructions on the Beach Vintage blog (because I am incapable of working out how to do these things on my own!).

I bought some fabric from Cloth Fabric (Kangaroo Paw in Surf on Cream), some cream ribbon and spray adhesive.

And began ...

It was trickier than I thought as the shades taper in slightly at the top so the fabric couldn't be cut on the straight and needed to wind around the shade so it wouldn't bubble when sprayed with adhesive.

The hot glue gun proved tricky too. I'd never used one before and didn't realise how quickly the glue set and can become lumpy if not let to spread. Cue: daughter #1 who is an expert and helped me glue on the ribbon.

Between us, the lampshades were done in no time and if you don't look too closely, they don't look too bad!

During the day and at night ...

I'm now going to make some cushions for the bed from Cloth Fabric remnant samples!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Soup anyone?

I found this can placed every so perfectly on a bedroom window sill catching the winter sun as I checked out the building progress. Chargrilled Charlie's normally gets full domination at lunchtimes from what I've observed. Maybe that's why this remains uneaten.

Personally, I prefer homemade minestrone with lots of vegetables, onion, garlic, chorizo and fresh bread. Yum.

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This is only a mock wall and doesn't look so great in the light, but the sandstone wall inside and out is beginning this week. (Dry stone flagging with Sydney sandstone, if anyone's interested.) Can't wait!

That's all folks!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Secondhand plates and cake!

Posted by PicasaI've got these secondhand  plates, see.

Which my daughter reminded me I had when she made a delicious chocolate cake the other day and used one of the plates to serve up a slice.

It was very yummy (the cake that is).

But the thing is, I used to have these plates on a wall when we had a villa but for the past few years they've been in a cupboard. They looked good in an old house but soon we'll be in a new modern house and they just won't go.

Do I keep them just for cake?

(By they way, if you want the cake recipe go to Dachshunds Daisies and Design, my daughter's new blog!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Need a laugh?

You can't not laugh at this ...

Daughter #2 took this photo, among others, of The Dog one lovely fine day. Her choice of angles is genius!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Building Progress

There's been a lot going on at the building site and I finally feel like a proper house is taking shape slowly but surely which is exciting. I took a stack of photos when I went down on Friday to share with you ...

The big news is that the final window we were waiting on has gone in: the kitchen splashback! It is made from reinforced glass as the cooktop will be under it and when the joinery is in the frame will be invisible.

The rumpus room exposed bricks (from the original house) have been cleaned up and are ready to be coated in a special sealer and the cupboards either side are being built.

The downstairs rooms have been gyprocked such as seen here in one of the girls' bedrooms.

These are two views of the entrance way (above and below - timber stairs to come) and I am just envisaging the ostrich feather pendant light I've bought hanging above (which thankfully got through customs without too much of a hitch - although I do wonder what I was thinking when I ordered it direct as Australian customs officials do not like to see the words 'feather' in a shipment! But that's another story ...)

The electrician is nearly finished wiring the place and there are wires for Africa everywhere!

The garage is well underway and the roof is now on.

There are all sorts of other bits and bobs happening and plenty of decisions to be made ie heights of light switches, placement of heated towel rails, curtaining/blind specifics, confirmation of all light fittings, bathroom tiles, pool tiles, fencing issues, plant decisions ... the list goes on!

All I can say is rock on September 10 which is the date we've been told we can move in. What's more, we've now also been given a letter to vacate from our landlord, which means we'll have to be in whether it's finished or not!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hard to Find cushions

 I loved these cushions so much ...

I had to buy them. In fact, I bought four - all online after a few glasses of wine with hubby egging me on!  

Actually, I bought two first to check I did, in fact, like them and then another two after they arrived because they are well made, linen, and I just liked them. They also help jazz up our plain cream sofa.
These are my second lot of cushions I've bought online and I highly recommend it (the Pony Rider Union Jack ones being the first).

I also thought I took a photo of the fourth but can't find it and now our camera's died!
 But if you want to check them out and look at the other cool stuff they have, click here, but unfortunately they only post to Australian customers.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Look what I found ...

Naughty, naughty, naughty!
Never has Ruby been allowed on our bed. Ever.
And yet ... one rainy day she decides to make our bed her bed!

I think she thinks if she ignores me, I'll go away and leave her be.

Fat chance, my friend!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mood Board for the Living

Thought I'd show you a bit of a mood board that's starting to come together for our living space. I'm pretty much sticking with neutrals for the big stuff - apart from the turquoise rug of course, as posted here!

So, basically, what we've got as shown above is, from bottom left, up and around ...

Spotted Gum timber floors (wide planks with hidden nails)
Caesarstone benchtop in Snow
Osborne & Little wallpaper (Adara collection, design Zaria) for the washroom off the living/dining
Unique fabric - Barker in Flax - for the dining chairs
Resene paint - Triple Masala - for the wall that surrounds the dining space and goes into the TV room
Porters Paints - Donkey Grey - for the other two walls
Westbury fabric - Lugano in Rye - for the sofa

I now need to bring in some more turquoise with a few cushions and have yet to decide on the pendant light over the dining table. But it feels like it's finally coming together.


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