Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week Three of the Build

Back from our week away it was exciting to take a trip back to the site (I can no longer call it 'The House') and see what's been done in the past week.

It's easy when we're not there to keep thinking of the build in the abstract but when I visit, I get little butterfly flutters in my stomach at the realisation that it's really happening and progress is being made every day.

The house has completely gone, apart from the bricks we are re-using, which are in a pile next to the site office at the back of the property and the sewer has been encased and re-covered in soil.

The native ferns that lined the middle of the property have been moved to the front fence-line in the hope they will survive (apparently they don't like being transplanted) and can stay in the garden.

And a nice pile of rock and the sandstone from the house lies next to the ferns that will be used in the landscaping.


  1. Progress! And is that a water view??? Lucky you... I think you have to be a Sydney-sider to know how valuable that is!

  2. Lots happening! How nice to have all those landscaping rocks but my back is hurting thinking about moving them!

  3. Wow....I am so happy that everything is moving forward:) I love this project..I cant wait for more photos:)

  4. Thats certainly progress, a beautiful new home is that much closer to rising up out of the ground....Good stuff!!!

  5. I understand the nerves but I am sure it will all work out beautifully:)

  6. Hi Jane. Found you via Ann's blog..looking forward to following along vicariously!


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