Thursday, July 22, 2010

Building Commences

With everything that's been going on here recently I've been a bit slack at keeping on top of documenting the build. I only took photos of last week's progress (week four) on Tuesday and have now only just found time to post them. Needless to say, it's hardly riveting stuff unless you love concrete!

Lots of concrete, that is. A retaining wall has been built between the two levels of land to encase the lawn at the back (back left where the site office sits) and to partition the area between it and where the pool will go (back right) and, of course, to ensure earth doesn't move.

A bit of a side view. Please do take time to admire all the concrete as it's costing many arms and legs.

Stunning, shiny pipes sit in what's left of the old garage that will encase the footings beneath the ground. And never be seen again.

Scrunch up your eyes for a minute and imagine that in this pile of mud and rubble there lies a sparkling blue pool surrounded by lush vegetation and stylish landscaping, to-die-for poolside seating with summer cocktails awaiting to quench your thirst ... oops, I digress. There's a rather a lot of work to be done before we get even close to such a picturesque scene!

See you next time xox


  1. How exciting - I love a little progress! And how exciting that you'll have a pool. Not so useful in Tas :)
    All us bloggies will have to come and have a cocktail around yours :)

  2. That sounds wonderful darling:) I cant wait to see it:)

    Its so fun to see the progress:)
    Kisses and Happy Thursday:)

    ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

  3. The pool party's on me!! And yes, Diana, I most cerainly did enter your giveaway - the cushion is so cute! Thx J:)

  4. Rofl- very entertaining blog. Yes I can see the sparkling blue pool. It's a start and that's what counts:)

  5. Great to see your progress! It's awful that these type of necessities take soo much of the budget! Yes, I can just imagine that pool .... ahh .... lots of summer fun! Michelle

  6. So glad I found your lovely blog today. I will be following so I can keep up on your progress! Please stop by when you get a chance!

  7. Yay for progress! Never a bad thing :) Have a lovely weekend!


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