Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Award!

Hello friends! How is everyone? Well, I'm pretty chuffed as I've just received my first blogging award from the lovely Nellie at McCarthy Designs.

Nellie couldn't be more versatile by being a banker, a design student, a home renovator, a wife and a mother. She's even starting to document her get-fit scheme via Trish from A Dream House for Trish at A Dream Body for Trish!

Getting the Versatile Blogger Award means I need to share seven things about myself (oh dear!) and pass the award on to five other bloggers whom I admire. As I have a think about what seven things I 'd like to divulge, here are five bloggers whose blogs I love, get inspired by and learn things from:

Jules at The Diversion Project whose posts always include a whole bunch of cool stuff;
Will at Bright Bazaar - a man with a unique, colourful, and astute design eye. His blogs are full of eye candy;
Diana at Express-O whose blogs and comments on mine brighten my day;
Donna from A Perfect Gray who's made me love the colour gray even more;
Julie at Olive and Joy who has a beautiful blog with beautiful things and wonderful finds.

I'd love you all to play along - but its not obligatory, of course - and if you do, thank the giver, share seven things about yourself and pass the award on to five others. Have fun!

Now, for ...
Seven Things About Me (you never thought you'd want to know!)

1. I love beautiful gardens but hate gardening. Weeding is so terribly dull. Could someone invent a weed-free garden, please?

2. If I had all the money in the world, I'd have fresh, clean sheets and a perfectly made bed everyday. Even when I don't get the chance to make the bed in the mornings (which is rare) I will always make it before I get in bed that night which my hubby thinks is ridiculous! (Does that make me weird?)

3. The worst job I've had would have to be cleaning motel rooms which I did part-time when I was at university. But it did give me a high level of respect for cleaners and taught me how to do perfect hospital corners on beds (maybe that explains answer #3 ...?)

4. I'd rather be writing novels more than anything else (although no one has paid me to do so yet and most likely never will!)

5. Despite being 6 ft I have a terrible fear of heights which is only getting worse with age. I am embarrassed to say that a couple of years ago I had an anxiety attack a quarter of the way up Sydney's Luna Park ferris wheel in which I didn't think I could cope with going all the way round and nearly squeezed my daughter's hand off in the process!

6. I never go anyway without my trainers. For me a bit of exercise is like therapy for the soul.

7. If I could eat nothing but pasta every day until I die, I'd be one very happy Italian-loving mama!

Oh, to live here in this Tuscan villa where I didn't have to garden, had gorgeous clean sheets all the time, never got vertigo and could write and eat pasta all day!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck with the build.

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thank you so much for the award, made my day. Good luck with your house build - how exciting!!

  3. Thank you,sweetie!!!!...You made my day!!! I love love love this award:)
    Also congrats to you and have a fun and sunny day!

    ps: Today afternoon I will be hosting a great giveaway, so please join in:) ...I think you will really like it:)

  4. Thanks heaps Jane - such kind words, and really sweet of you! cheers, julesx

  5. Loved reading your list Jane. I love getting into a made bed too, especially when the sheets are fresh. I wish I was more like you and loved exercising, I guess I will have to work on it.

  6. I love these sharing posts and it was so nice to read you list of seven things. I too am quite happy when eating pasta. Especially in Italy! Love Toscana!
    x Charlotta


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