Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 5 of the Build

And so not a lot may look different to what went on in week four. But progress is being made.

I love the blue wheelbarrow, don't you? It's there to help with backfilling the main retaining wall so that the cut-away ground ends up meeting concrete.

Here, you can see the drop that needs filling. There were men down there when I visited who looked as if they were disappearing underground to go mining!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the old sandstone foundations in their new home - all buffed and looking like new (well, new-ish as I do want to retain some sense of rusticity).

The old garage wall still stands as if in memory of the house that is no longer.

The next stage is to:
1. Excavate the pool,
2. Form and pour the concrete for the pool,
3. Form and pour the lower-bedroom slab - which will be on the lower side of the site, behind the pool.

See you next time! xox


  1. That sandstone looks beautiful. What a massive job. Looking forward to seeing the next stage!

  2. Wow, a huge job! I am enjoying seeing it unfold!

  3. Jane! I am so glad I found you! Or, more correctly, that you found me. Thanks for your comment on my blog about how to be prepared for builders' quotes! Door handles and tap ware so early....better get cracking! Have loved catching up on your previous posts. I've learnt a thing or two about Melbourne (some great shops to check out onmy next visit) and am so pleased to hear that someone else is very uninspired by bathrooms (you may not remember. It was 2009 when you wrote about it), as I am too! I have the same picture in my design file as you used on that post, but unfortunately we don't have the view to match! So pleased your build is well and truely underway! I can live vicariously through your building works as I wait for mine to begin.
    What did you decide for in terms of a style for your bathroom?
    X Briohny.

  4. You must be so excited each time you see the next lot of progress. Thanks for the update....Its nice seeing the progress as it happens.....Very cool.

  5. I can see the change..I bet you are so excitied each time you visit....Wish you a wonderful day,sweetie

  6. looks like its going great, hope you're enjoying it! jx

  7. Thanks for all your encouraging comments! And Briohny, enjoy the whole building and designing process because it is fun, if not all-consuming and overwhelming sometimes. Re bathroom style - I've gone for classic really with a base of neutrals but interest in mosaic tiles and, hopefully, custom mirrors and our ensuite will have a pendant light (don't know what yet). But in the toilet/'powder room' off the living area I'm going to have wallpaper for a bit of fun. Jane :)

  8. Great choice Jane. neutrals and pendant lights the way I am leaning also. I wan't something that wont date(at least not overnight) and will always look stylish. I'm thinking of having a bit of fun with our powder room too! Can't wait for more of your updates!
    X Briohny.


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