Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday R&R

It's the start of the school hols and we're having a week away with friends at a place called Forster up the coast, about four and a half hours drive from Sydney. This isn't the house we're staying in - although I've heard it's nice. But this outdoor room - yes, that's right, outdoor - has all the elements of a place ideal for rest and relxation: lots of plump cushions, a large lounger on which to lie and rest one's feet, a log fire, and ample, stylish side tables for cups of tea or glasses of wine.

I aim to read Megan Morton's Home Love, finish Lionel Shriver's latest book, So Much for That, sing badly on Singstar, go for long walks, and enjoy time with family and our friends.

And when we get back, we'll get to see progress on the house!


  1. Sounds like a great getaway! A whole week of relaxing and catching up on reading sounds wonderful. Have a great time!

  2. Ohh that sounds like a perfect weekend...I bet you had a blast:)
    Kisses and Happy Monday,sweetie

  3. That outdorr room is amazing! Have a great break Jane. I hope you get some nice weather so you can get outside as well as some nice relaxing days where you can get some reading done! xx

  4. Spunds like a lovely week. We're off to Omaha... even though all those brand new baches are a little like the Truman Show movie set we thought we'd be guaranteed a modern warm one - I have a two year old who shuns blankets so a cold bach could have been a disaster...Enjoy your week. A x

  5. ooo that is a gorgeous space! hope you have a really fab break darl. julesx


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