Saturday, July 17, 2010

Framing Vintage Keys: DIY Craft

You might remember a while back I posted on some vintage keys I bought and how I thought I might frame them. Well, instead of getting some fancy-pancy frame made, like a box frame with special glass etc, I decided to use a frame I already had and do it myself.

I thought one of the recycled and distressed frames I bought in Melbourne would be perfect. I took out the seagull photo and removed the glass.

Remembering we had a pile of hessian coffee sacks in the garage leftover from sack races played at the girls' beach birthday parties a couple of years ago, I got one out and cut a rectangle slightly larger than the backing board.

I arranged the keys on the hessian with the frame in place to see how it would look.

Then, with some twine - the same twine I used on the driftwood sculpture in my last post that matched the hessian perfectly - I tied the keys in place on the other side, using a pencil to widen the holes so the twine could thread through.

Lastly, I taped the hessian to the back of the board and fitted it into the frame.

And voila! One framing job that cost next-to-nothing.


  1. man, you're another one these handy chicks! i missed that gene. looks cool!

  2. Your vintage keys look great! I love how they turned out. I have passed on an award to you today Jane, if you like you can pop by my blog to pick it up! Have a great week! xx

  3. Those are beautiful vintage keys...I are this project:) Hope you are having a wonderful Monday,sweetie:)

  4. They look fantastic - great job with the frame. Michelle


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