Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nature's Inspiration

While we were away, I got very inspired by some of nature's wonders: their colours and tones which, I discovered on our return home, are identikits for some of the paint cards I've collected on my travels.

Such as the soft greys of this eucalypt that was in the property of the house in which we were staying.

The whites and dark greys of the beautiful pelicans.

The charcoal grey of beach stones and the creamy whites of some of the shells.

The paint cards shown are, from left to right: Wattyl Sheer Granite, Berger Night Flight, Berger Octavius Oak, Wattyl Colorbond Ironstone and Dulux Antique White USA (which I am always seeing referenced in magazines and I'm thinking must be a good basic white for walls).

And the driftwood on the beach which I decided to turn into a hanging sculpture with some twine.

Oh, how I love to bring a bit of the beach home with me!


  1. Blog looks good... I have been having a play too! I will have to stop tweaking. It's a little addictive. Beautiful colours... I share your beach obsession...

  2. I love your colour choices Jane. Love that they were inspired by nature and I think they will look fabulous. xx

  3. It's a lovely palette and the beach is a great inspiration. Hasn't drift the most wonderful feel to it?

  4. YOu may love another basic grey Solver smoke pearl....its so nice as a flow colour....I love your inspiration. Great work.

  5. Awww I would love to have a part of the beach in my home too:) I adore the tree photos:) So beautiful:)

  6. I love your colours. Just like the beaches near my house, only the sand is white, white, white (Dulux Chalk White USA perhaps??). It's going to be so restful and calm.

  7. Really inspiring images. Love the calming colours. Beautiful post. Have a great weekend. Michelle


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