Friday, April 30, 2010

French Antique Key Necklace

I'm very excited as I've just had a peek at two mid-century chairs that my friends at S.H.E Lifestyle have been upcycling - sprucing and upholstering and waving their magic wand over - for me. And they super-kindly gave me one of their French antique key necklaces which looks pretty cool and is fun to wear.

I love the blue velvet ribbon which picks up the teal that is in the fabric by Cloth they have used for my chairs. They discovered a bunch of these keys on their travels which apparently came from a French farmhouse cellar and each end is shaped a different number!

You'd have thought having this around my neck this afternoon would have helped me remember to pick up the 'new' house keys I left on the hall table as I was leaving after dropping off some stuff. But no. I locked them inside!!

Thankfully, hubby reminded me that he took one of the spare front door keys in the event of such forgetfulness (I have been known to do this before). Phew - more than once!

But getting back to the chairs - they're being delivered on Monday so I'll be able to show you their beautifulness and S.H.E's craftmanship then. In the meantime, have a happy weekend ...

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