Saturday, May 8, 2010

And it's goodbye kitchen and robe!

As you can probably tell from my lack of posting this week it's been a busy one and I'm feeling quite exhausted. Moving house is not only tiring but quite unsettling, and it doesn't seem to get better the more times you do it. I managed to waste several hours on Sunday morning arranging and rearranging photo frames and the like before I could summon the energy and desire to tackle the more important things like the boxes containing the entire kitchen contents! But for me, having photos and knick knacks and vases of flowers around helps to make me feel at home. So for a few hours, the boxes had to wait.

Amongst all of this we also had to deal with building tenders and vetting builders - a process which didn't quite go to plan, primarily because although we went to five builders to get a fixed quote, two pulled out halfway through, one would only do cost-plus, and one provided a very broad quote that wasn't broken down and way over budget. Thankfully, the last company, despite providing costings higher than we wanted, actually did their work and appear to be up to the job. We're now negotiating prices, visiting houses they've built, talking with referees and have also found another building firm to quote as well. What a process! But it's one we must get right and we're prepared to wait.

As you know I am a big fan of recycling and re-using and was very keen to find homes for bits of the house. The stained glass windows and doors have gone but there was lots more that could be re-homed and on my list of things to do for ages has been to get on to ebay and start selling. Having only done this once before - to sell a dining table - I felt a little daunted and aware of how much time I would need to take photos and upload them, measure everything, write descriptions and put it all on ebay.

So I set aside most of Friday to do this and couldn't believe it when by Friday night I had sold the kitchen and the master wardrobe! A lovely couple in Brisbane are renovating and are going to come down to dismantle it all and take it away. Yay!

I'm now in negotiations with another couple for just about everything else - wow! I am so pleased and really amazed at the power of ebay.

The only thing is, whilst on ebay, I did a bit of browsing. I'd love a vintage phone or a Danish sideboard ... Will I end up spending my hard-earned money?

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  1. Wow, sounds good Jane! I also love eBay, it's such an easy way to get rid of old stuff and make somebody else pretty happy!


    Lise M.


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