Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coastal Retreat wins Australian Interior Design Award

Despite packing, I still have work to do and along the way - while doing research for Innovative Household magazine - I discovered this gorgeous house that has just won a Residential Decoration award for Hare + Klein Interior Design in the 2010 Australian Interior Design Awards.

It's a Coastal Retreat in New South Wales whose interiors have been beautifully done over, as always, by Hare + Klein who seem to specialise in understated elegance.

Said the jury: An elegant, sophisticated and understated interior composition responds here with delight to its beach-side location and coastal views. The neutral and bleached palette is expertly enhanced with accents of light colour that elevate it from the generic to the sublime. Skilled articulation of space results in a perfect balance of intimate enclosure and connection with the exterior that encourages relaxed habitation.

I couldn't agree more and could quite happily move in here over the weekend!

It's the muted tones with the odd dash of colour that makes it appear so serene and there's the charcoal grey again, which I love.

Nice bathroom, too!


  1. Love the new blog layout. Particularly like the retreat colour scheme above. Seems you could be greatly attracted to using something similar in the new hous! Go for it, just such a restful and tranquil atmosphere.

  2. Thanks Joss and yes, I would love to draw on the colour scheme of this home!


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