Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Limewashed Mirror

Well, folks, here is my limewash painting project.
This dark wood mirror in our bedroom at The Bach was looking very dated and, well, dark and I fancied a bit more white; a bit more of a shabby chic, Scandinavian limewashed look. Having never done this before, I tottered off to the hardware store to get some paint, a brush, sandpaper and some sealant.

The first coat looked like this - see above and below.

Here's the second coat of limewash. It took me the first coat to get the hang of the painting technique, which is a bit tricky as the paint doesn't come out even. It is literally like a wash but then, that is the point of limewashing and the effect you want.

Then I decided to do a third coat as the wood was pretty dark underneath. I think if you were limewashing lighter wood you would only need two coats and if it was very light, only one.

Here's a corner to show the third coat effect. All it needed now was a coat or two of sealant to protect it and give it some sheen. One thing I realise now, is that the paint could have done with an added tint (ie to make it slightly creamier in colour) as the limewash turned out to be quite an icy, blue white. But overall, I am pretty happy with the result considering I had never done it before.

The final result came up like this ...

And this ...

And all the while I worked, Ruby was keeping me company in the sun.

Oh the life of a dog!


  1. Jane, I think this turned out wonderfully! I really like it. Sounds doable too, which is important for someone like me :-)
    Thanks for sharing the process.


  2. Sheesh! Someones been a busy DIY'er :)
    The mirror has turned out a treat, I really like the dark undercoat, it looks almost metallic, only softer.

  3. Fab make-over here Jane. You've just given that mirror a reprieve of at least another 10 years. Thanks for your comments about our new bathroom. I let MOTH know about your suggestion re combining the full length mirror with wallpaper. I don't think I'll be checking out any wallpaper sample books in the near future judging by the look I received!
    Millie ^_^


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