Monday, April 5, 2010

Coffee Table Makeover at The Bay

I'm back with my second DIY job these hols!
This many-times-painted coffee table that we inherited with The Bach was looking very worn and tired and in need of a sprucing. While this photo doesn't give justice to quite how worn and tired and discoloured it was looking, believe me, it was and annoyed me every time I sat down on the sofa.

So ... I decided to use up some leftover white spray paint I had from when I 'did up' a chipped wicker table a while back. I took it outside in the sun and started spraying. Despite the wind and my inept ability and, no doubt, technique, after a few sprays it started to look quite good ...

... although the grass was a bit worse for wear!

But it ended up looking so much better and now it sparkles in the living room - helped, no less, by the  yellow flowers I picked from a tree in the garden and popped in my el cheapo white jug.


  1. Simple but effective. And you recycled:)
    It looks great

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