Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brunswick Streetscape in Melbourne

I can't believe that our three wonderful, carefree days in Melbourne are over. In fact, we've been back four days and I have only just had a chance to think about blogging - what with talking to builders, rental real estate agents and removalists ... but more on that later.
I thought I'd share with you some pictures I took on our visit to the bohemian, grungy, alternative suburb of Fitzroy, north of the city - in between all the shopping, of course!

Australian-made Nobody jeans are divine and the graffiti art around the city pretty impressive.

A faded pink facade - love the colour!
I'm thinking girly boudoir-style bedroom decor or the walls of a sumptuous dining room.

This building facade and Fosters Lager sign appears purposely run-down and peeling - designer dilapidation that is an indicative look of the area.

Brunswick Street is full of Victorian buildings, cafes, bars, designer clothes and vintage clothes shops, design stores and antique shops.

Much of the graffiti are true works of art.

If you get tired of walking, you can hire a bike ...

or take a seat in one of the quirky mosaic street sofas.

But the shopping is, in my view, where it's at if you want to find different stuff and enjoy boutique-style shops versus chain stores, department stores and busy city streets. These colourful tin animals outside a florists caught my eye and would be great to liven any garden or courtyard.

Wilkins and Kent design store is a must-see for beautiful hand-made ceramics, lights and furniture.

The Kleen design store is a bit like Sydney's Top3 Design - excellent for gifts and designer homewares.

Kleins Perfumery is a decadent, beautifully designed and decorated store full of soaps and smellies, hand-made cosmetics and toiletries presented in an old-fashioned apothecary way.

For my girls, I bought these lollipop soaps from Kleins Perfumery and the butterfly purses from the original, dinky clothes and accessories shop, Kinki Gerlinki.

Then, it was almost time to go back to the hotel via tram.

But, not quite ... In my next blog, I'll show you what we found down some of the side streets.

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