Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Love with Charcoal Grey

After the joys of DIYing up the coast and an indulgent weekend in Melbourne, life has suddenly jolted back to reality and all hands are now on deck in order for our build to finally begin. For, this next week, we are to peruse building tenders and choose a builder, pack boxes, get furniture out of storage and then move out on May 1st! Having worked out this will be our eighth move in the thirteen years that hubby and I have been together, I've decided we are either mad nomads or just plain stupid. Either way, we have brought this one fair and square on ourselves and so, despite the feelings of dread at doing it all again, we shouldn't complain.

But instead of showing you pictures of building documents, packing boxes or hair being pulled out, I thought I would indulge myself in some images of beautiful rooms - in particular, those that feature charcoal grey. 

It seems to be that grey is the new white in interior wall colours and furnishings and I love it! So much so that I am now considering painting the main wall in our soon-to-be new living/dining area charcoal grey instead of dark chocolate brown.

To me charcoal grey can be tranquil, elegant and dramatic all at the same time.

From Megan Morton's Homelove book as seen in The Design Files

It can 'style up' a coastal or Scandinavian all-white look or add punch and drama if used with black or a bright colour like yellow or red.
 From Swedish real estate Alvhem makleri

 What do you think?


  1. Hi Jane. Thanks so much for coming by my blog - great to have you and it's an honour to be in your blogroll.

    I'm a fan of grey too - especially when it's teamed with bright yellows or moody, jewel like purples. Great blog!

  2. I am part swedish and I love this last one! Sparsity just draws me - I am such a minimalist - I just need to convince my other half to go along with that :-)



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