Friday, August 27, 2010

When a Room goes Pop!

Image via Belle Maison

At first glance you may think, 'nice room'. But if you look at the detail I think there is much to love. The olive green armchair draws you in. It looks so inviting especially teamed with a gorgeously bright cushion. Then there's the rustic coffee table (even though nothing else in the room is rustic), the butterfly print, the modern fireplace and built-in chunky shelving, the peacock-inspired rug and circular side table. I love a good bit of inspiration.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. It cetainly is inspiring. I love to see how a range of different stlyes can be brought together and look so cohesive. It really does work! I love that olive chair! Have an enjoyable weekend. Hope 'Hugh'is working hard!
    X Briohny. x

  2. Gee! I really should proof read my comments! I can spell....I just can't type!!!!!

  3. I love the rug. And that cushion...died and gone to cushion heaven looking at that!

  4. Ha ha, Briohny - Hugh was taking a break when I popped down this morning. It's the builders and bricklayers who have been working hard this week! Will post about it later.

  5. So agree...That room is so pretty and full of inspirations. I adore the armchair and the rug is fantastic!
    Wish you a sunny weekend my lovely and see you soon

  6. Love the print and the chair. You are right, it all looks perfect with each other.

    Have a lovely weekend


  7. As you say, lots of detalils to explore in that picture. Have to say I love the mix of different styles, always makes it personal!
    Happy weekend to you!

  8. Thanks for sharing - I love love love that green chair! It is a beautiful room. Hope you are having a great weekend. Michelle


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