Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 7 & 8 of the Build

Don't you love a good footings pipe? I do - especially when they're going in the ground!

Unfortunately we lost a whole week because of rain so not a lot has been done. Basically the foundations need to be laid and the pool formed but the guys couldn't do it as when the ground gets drenched it needs three days to dry out.

The good news is it's sunny again and the weather is forecast to be fine for the next seven days and the guys on site are now working full steam ahead to make up for lost time.

The plan: form and slab the lower living level (the top 'wing', seen here, on the higher ground), the bricklayer to start laying bricks on this level, then do the same on the lower level footings (ie the bedroom 'wing'), finish the pool excavation and form the pool (ie pour concrete).

 The bricks from the original house sit in a neat pile waiting to be re-used.

I know this doesn't look at all interesting but it was exciting for me because this is the first time I've been able to see exactly where the kitchen splashback will be. You can see its spot marked in fluorescent on the fence (but it will obviously be further away from the fence line). What this means is I can have my desired clear glass splashback with a beautiful view of star jasmine growing up wires from planters fixed to the wall - rather than the view of a grotty fence or a motley collection of trees. We will replace the old wobbly fence and make it a little taller and scrub up the stonework so it looks a lot nicer as well.

That's all for now, folks, and so it's goodbye from me in my sparkly Target gumboots!


  1. I've just discovered your blog and am excited to be able to watch your progress. We are at builder selection stage and hope to start our build in a few months. We are also having a glass splashback in the kitchen so will be watching with great interest!

  2. The glass splashback sounds very nice and I think it's so goo to see you reuse so many materials. All very exciting!

  3. Love the gumboots, great to see some progress.

  4. You're getting quite arty with those pipes... and nice to be able to imagine your view from the kitchen window - takes some imagining! I am not sure I have the vision to build. Thanks again for the other day - I should be doing that and not this but blogs are so much more fun!

  5. Your sparkly gumboots make me smile! I can't wait to get a pair myself! Star jasmine! My favourite! I would be pretty happy with a view like that too! Hope it's all sunshine for you for a while!
    X Briohny.

  6. Yay for progress! So exciting to be able to watch it come to life(and I love those sparkly boots!)

  7. Such a great progress,sweetie...How fun!
    Happy Monday and see you soon:)


  8. I'm happy the weather is cooperating now. I love the old bricks and it's great that you're going to be able to reuse them.I adore your Target boots too:-)


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