Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Atlantic at Byron Bay

I took some quick snaps on my phone of the place my girlfriends and I stayed in while at Byron Bay last weekend. The Atlantic guesthouses at Byron are a very beachy, laid-back style of accommodation where white was the mainstay of the interior design. In fact, we all agreed that all white rooms ie white floors, walls, kitchen, furnishings and bedding, which look fab in magazines, could actually be too much - especially in winter. We all wanted to inject a bit of colour - even if it was a dash of grey - to the interior of the one we were in - the Premium Ensuite (which actually looks more colourful on the website). But check out the exteriors - black with white trim and lots of palm trees.

 Outside the Standard Ensuite

 The Skippers' door

 The seahorse outside our door

The Airstream - funky silver caravan-style accommodation

 Kid's cubby house

Beautiful turquoise vase and orchids in our room - the only splash of colour

Oh, to be back there again!


  1. That is really a nice place,sweetie...Love the Skippers' door and the kid's house:)

    Have a fun Thursday and see you soon:)

  2. That caravan is super cool - what a fun place to stay! Hope you and your girlfriends had a blast!

  3. Next time I wanna go, too! Looks like a great destination!

  4. oh this looks so amazing, what a cool little place. will keep this one tucked away in the holiday file!

    have a great weekend xx

  5. Hi Jane, it's always so nice to meet fellow Kiwi's in blog land:o)
    I am looking forward to following your "Build" and your blog in general.
    Have a great day!

  6. Its a nice blog.....

  7. Due to the fascination towards beaches I decided to choose Byron Bay to spend few of my golden days there. I was very much confused about the accommodation there then I contacted byron bay accommodation and now I am really enjoying my stay here.

  8. Really a wonderful place to stay as well as enjoy.


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