Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hotel Eye Candy

Can you believe this is a hotel? Well, for that matter, how amazing would it be if it were someone's house!

It is the recently opened W Hotels Retreat & Spa on Vieques island, located off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean whose interiors were done by the fabulous Spanish-born, Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola. Yum, yum ...

Images via The Contemporist


  1. Wow Jane, just discovered your blog! As a fellow house builder I look forward to your updates and will understand your frustration along the way. Let me assure you it is so worth it in then end. Letitia x

  2. That i such a fun hotel...I would love to stay there...The colours are so amazing:)

    Kisses, my dear

  3. looks like a fun to place to stay. Really cool.. doesn't feel like a hotel at all.

  4. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I don't have a stockist in Sydney yet (next on my to do list), but you can find me online ( and don't hesitate to email me if you'd like some fabric samples. Cheers! Nic

  5. You rock girl!! This is a great retreat. I would love to visit this one. I posted it on my blog too. Hope you are doing well Jane. Have a great weekend.


    Lise M.

  6. Hi Jane,
    thanks for visiting my blog, cant wait to see how your building goes! Look forward to following you too! Oh, gorgeous post too!
    hugs from Laura,


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