Monday, August 23, 2010

Vogue Living

It was the cover that did it for me. Rustic wood table, white-on-white, stunning green glass bottle and cool mirror art. It's this month's revamped Vogue Living magazine. I couldn't resist.

Then this blew me away. Looks like a rug or painted floorboards, right? But no, it's dust! Yes, that's right, dust. Artist Hannah Bertram shapes intricate patterns from stencils and sprinkles dust collected from within the art's location (ie someone's gorgeous house) to create installation art. These will be exhibited at Melbourne's Dianne Tanzer Gallery from September 23 to October 16 and called appropriately The Silence of Becoming and Disappearing.

The magazine also features interior designer Andrew Parr's colourful take on his Victorian weatherboard house. Love the armchair.

And who would have thought Green Pirelli rubber flooring could look so good? It's certainly perfect with the black and white colour scheme.

Turkish interior designer, Zeynep Fadillioglu, opens up her house too. And what a place! It's more like a museum with gorgeous Ottoman, 18th and 19th century European furnishings and antiques. Not sure I could live here though.

The Kelly Wearstler-designed pool cabanas at the LA Avalon Hotel feature stunning wallpaper, lights and mirrors.

But this is my favourite: a guesthouse in Provence transformed by French interior designer Jacqueline Morabito. The shattered glass artwork by Karim Ghelloussi looks amazing. Even the simple plastic sheeting over the table is a nice touch.

By the way, the concrete slabs are now being poured tomorrow. Have never been so frustrated or excited about concrete in my life before! Watch this space ...


  1. I love concrete ... and I love that green rubber floor.

    How exciting to be doing your house!

  2. Thanks for the preview - it will be a little while before I can get my hands on it here... worth waiting for though. I love that shattered glass artwork and the dust floor is incredible. Plenty of dust under my feet - just not quite art... good luck with the slab!

  3. Thanks for the sneek peek, Jane! Liking those teal, black and white tiles.

  4. I love this...I love the first image....I would love to have a table like that and the mirror:)
    Kisses,sweetie and Happy Monday

  5. Love the first & last images, and they both have a green glass bottle! Best of luck on your "pour"!

  6. Hi Jane, Dust! Unbelievable! Wish the dust in my home looked like that! Hey thanks for your comments regarding timber windows and plantation shutters. I agree with you! Let the timber windows have all the attention they deserve. It's so nice to get other perspectives that often confirm what you really think. Enjoy the concreting!
    X Briohny.

  7. Stop it - I can't buy ANOTHER magazine this month! Thanks for sharing so I don't feel like I've missed out! Love the green flooring. Michelle

  8. I would like dust like that. Permanently.


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