Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My new retro phone

Check out my new old phone! Even though I grew up with one of these (in cream) I've always fancied having one and I love the retro look. On the weekend I popped into the Manly Antiques Centre and wondered why I had never been before. It's a veritable treasure trove of everything from antique furniture to vintage clothes, old shop signs and everything else in between. And this is where I found the phone.

My new purchase is now a source of fascination for my girls who had never seen such a phone before and didn't know how to work it! I think they think it's a new toy - which, in a way, I guess it is!

The retro green number was said to be in working order when I bought it but with a silent ring (if that's possible!). However, when I got home I found that it does make a ringing sound when someone calls but it won't ring out. A recorded voice says it doesn't recognise the phone numbers. I think it's to do with our line rather than anything else as the lady in the shop said she was able to call out when she was testing it. All very weird and kind of quirky but it only cost $30 so hardly broke the bank.

The phone jack is in the kitchen so this is where it has to live for now, by the fruit bowl.

But I would like to get it checked out and maybe see if it can be adjusted to not only work properly but be digitised - which is the way all phones and phone lines are heading. Anyone have any ideas of how best to do this?


  1. I do love that phone. Not sure how you'd go about getting it to work, though. It looks very sweet near the fruit.

  2. I dont really have a clue what to do....but I hope you will manage to fix it and keep that phone as its so cute and I would love one like that too:)

    Hugs and Happy Tuesday my dear

  3. Love the phone! I had one in red as a child in my cubby house. Getting it to to work sounds like a challenge to me! I get the giggles thinking about calling any service, "please enter your password, then press the hash key." A great conversation piece working or not! Great find!
    X Briohny.
    Ps: Thanks for your advice about finding a builder you get along with! Totally agree with you!

  4. Love a touch of retro - what a great find. I also grew up with one of these phones in cream. Not sure about digitising it tho' - good luck! Hope your having a great week. Michelle

  5. Some exchanges recognise touch-tone only. Or maybe I should say, some older exchanges still recognise the interrupted-dial thing which that phone is most likely doing.

    Nice find.

  6. It's fantastic, Jane! I bought a similar one in blue a year or so ago!

  7. very cool... grew up with one as a child. Great find!

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments and I'm pretty sure the house we are in is still part of an older exchange so I guess that's the issue. Must check out what the deal is with the new house, though - will we even have phone jacks at all?!!

  9. ooo, love it. hope you use the end of a long pencil to dial with. i always thought that was the height of style when i was young :)

  10. i love the phone. i've been thinking about getting one, but new that has a retro style. good luck on getting it in good working condition, i have no suggestions though.
    thanks for following, i'll definitely be tuning in to you...i love what you're doing!

  11. talk about cool!

  12. I'm late with this comment I know, but it is possible to use this phone with VoIP if you have a properly configured SIP adapter ($30 - $60) and service such as Vonage, etc. If you would like more detailed instructions, I would be happy to help.

  13. Hi I have a rotary phone too and cannot wait to figure out how i can use it with my new iinet naked DSl modem and VoIP service.
    Would I still require one of these SIP adapters you speak of even though I already have the iinet modem etc?
    I've just plugged in & tested the phone with the VoIP/DSL modem and although I couldn't ring out…when my friend rang me, the phone didn't ring but when i picked up the handset….she was on the other line!! freaky.
    Anywho….if you can help that'd be awesome!
    Kindest Regards,


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