Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goodbye Windows

I'm very excited as I've found a beautiful home for our stained glass windows and doors (and maybe even the timber floors)! A builder and his family who've bought a turn-of the-century weatherboard cottage just out of Newcastle want to re-use our windows and doors as part of their home's restoration.

So it will soon be goodbye windows and doors, and hello new, temporary windows and doors in a soon-to-found rental property (but more on that later).

How on earth did I find this man, you ask? Well, through a rather circuitous route that started with Peter Orlando from Orlando Designs in Mosman, Sydney, which used to deal with remnants of old houses such as stained glass windows, but now mainly specialises in antiques and decor.

I met Murray the builder this week on a reccy trip to Sydney and he told me all about his plans to renovate his house and how hard it is to find multiple window sets from the same house with the matching stained glass pattern. I felt very chuffed to know these babies will be going to a good home, with heart and help keep some of Australia's old architecture alive.
There's even a chance the timber floorboards can be successfully (depending on how they've been nailed down) uplifted and re-used. My recycled timber table is looking promising and Murray may also be able to use the timber in his house. Let's hope so.

Now, my next job is finding another place to live. As the four builders we've chosen peruse our plans to present their quote, we need to secure a renter and move house.
Finally, it feels as if this build is really going to happen.


  1. Lucky people to get such beautiful windows.
    How exciting for you to be getting closer to building:)

  2. I'm so glad to see someone respecting a beautiful building enough to take the time to have it's bones recycled! Just think, in a couple of years time you will probably be driving past homes all over the place with little bit's of your old home in them. Strangely like organ donorship, hmmm :)

  3. Recycling most parts of old houses is really becoming popular here in the northwest. I can't imagine doing anything else with something so beautiful. Will look forward to following your building journey.



  4. How fab these beauties will be loved in a new location. I'm looking forward to following your project Jane, I'm sure you're in for an exciting time.
    Millie ^_^

  5. Hi Jane, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, really pleased to have found yours. What a good idea to try and recycle house parts, I'm always shocked by what you see thrown away.

  6. Hi Jane - got your blog website from Peter (Orlando Designs). And I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world to be the new owner of your beautiful windows - we are IN LOVE with them!! I have no idea how to post the designs for our house (and your windows) but I do know how to email you messages and attachments - will have to get Muz to get your email address for me - would love to show you what we have in mind. Thanks again - Jo

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