Friday, May 28, 2010

Framing Summer Memories

I was scrolling through some holiday photos taken over the past couple of years and discovered some that might just be perfect for the recycled timber frames I bought at the South Bank Market in Melbourne last month.

One frame I photographed outside and the other inside with me in the middle!

They're made by Mulbury Gallery ...

I wanted some photos that were scenic rather than family that could go in the beach house.

This old seagull was taking a break on some nails (!) while we were having a lovely early dinner at a cafe on Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland during our visit last Christmas. He reminds me of summer, my family and lazy days in the sun.

My footprint in the sand at Byron Bay.

The beach at Byron Bay before the storm hit.

Not sure if this works - perhaps the pebbles aren't designer-looking enough, if you know what I mean?

Not very summery, I know, but quite dramatic.

The Great Aussie Surf (which just has to be in capitals!)

Who's never cloud watched? These were taken at Hardys Bay one trip when we were sitting on the deck wiling away an afternoon when we noticed the clouds transforming themselves into pictures.

It was an endless feast for one's imagination.

What do you think? Would any of these, blown up, suit those frames?

Now, before I go I have to give a mention to the lovely Julie-Ann over at the Decorating Forum who mentioned the post I wrote on the colour gray and opened it up for discussion here on the Decorating Forum. Pop on over if you're looking for any tips or inspiration.

Happy weekend!


  1. Hi Jane - great frames - off to Melbourne next week to spend some family time and do some shopping so I'm looking for inspiration! I like the seagull at Waiheke and Byron Bay surf... surely two of your favourite places? I love Byron - had many great holidays there... and we were really taken with Waiheke. You seem to have the same beach obsession I do. Most of my blog photos seem to be of beaches...! Ann x

  2. For me it's all about the foot print in the sand or the wave. Great shots, great frames! Happy weekend, Jane!

  3. I like the dramatic piccy of the bird. Very nice. I think the key to these would be to hang them in a tight block/grid - make it a feature!

  4. I adore that foot print! Such a pretty image and I should really get my frames up too!
    kisses my lovey:)

  5. Thanks for all your thoughts! I might have to buy more frames!!


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