Monday, May 10, 2010

Mid-Century Recliners

It's been more than a week since I mentioned the impending arrival of my two S.H.E Lifestyle chairs and side table (not requested - but couldn't resist!).

Covered in fabric by Cloth, they are true retro - mid-century recliners that have been spruced to perfection and look and feel brand new. And it's all thanks to the girls at S.H.E, Camilla, Nicole and Sarah.

As you can see the colours pick up those on the ducks at Hardys Bay that inspired me a few months ago.

I'm afraid my photos don't do the chairs justice at all - which is more to do with the poor lighting at our new house that is very dark even during the middle of the day. I really needed a big white studio backdrop, studio lights and a photographer's assistant. I tried to fiddle with the exposure and colour on Picnik which helped a little but they still look weird. Never mind, you get the picture, so to speak!

Had them next to my self-dusting ostrich feather light by Haldane Martin but have since realised that something wasn't quite right and they didn't go together - maybe it was the long silver stem ..? Anyway, a new light is now in its place.

I did enjoy colour-coordinating my books and popping some crysanthemums in my new vase - a Coke bottle! Who would have guessed? Or maybe you did but it looks pretty good, I reckon, and think I might start collecting them. Except I don't usually drink Coke ...

I've also sent off my inherited wooden rocking chair that must be at least 40 years old, if not more - Mum, perhaps you can verify? - to the S.H.E girls for a bit of reno. It had been in storage and I'd forgotten that my old dog had nibbled the ends when she was a puppy and I'd never done anything about it. I virtually grew up on this chair - progressing from my mother's lap to sitting in it myself through my teenage years, until Mum gave it to me when they moved house. It's a sentimental old thing and should look great once it's buffed and newly cushioned.

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