Friday, May 21, 2010

Guest Posting at Urban Style Vibes

Happy Friday everyone! I'd like to take you over to another blog today because I was asked by the lovely Rotterdam-based Lise from Urban Style Vibes to do a guest blog while she was jet-setting her way around Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan and the island of Guam in Micronesia.

Of course I said yes and you can find my ramblings on design from an Australian perspective here.

Lise set up Urban Style Vibes in 2009 as a daily website dedicated to urban life style that features travel, style and design news. Some of her travel postings really give me itchy feet!

Happy Birthday Lise!


  1. Off to check out the guest post now! P.S. This weekend is meant to bring gorgeous weather for the UK, so it's picnic and pimms o'clock!

  2. Thank is such a great blog...I have to check out the guest post! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. Thanks for your lovely guest post Jane! Love the style from Oz and so did my readers.


    Lise M.
    Urban Style Vibes*


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