Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Building Progress

As promised, here is a picture of the timber floors as they are going in in the living space. Coastal Spotted Gum is the timber and it will darken a bit when they are oiled. And hey presto, no nails!

The weatherboard cladding is being painted, well, white. Dulux Natural White to be specific.

The sandstone wall inside is nearing completion - here it is on the lower level and then the upper (sorry about the quality of the photos - they were taken on my phone).

And here is the tombstone of the last stone mason in the master bedroom!

Oh, exciting times ...


  1. That sandstone wall is stunning! Oooh I love it! X

  2. no nails!! that looks pretty clever!! should be much easier to maintain i would imagine!!
    how funny looking are the bricks, youre right, they do kind of look like tombstones the way they have been set out!!! Hope you had a wonderful day Jane!!
    Laura xx

  3. Love the sandstone wall Jane, it looks abit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and your timber floors look fabulous. xx

  4. Look at all that progress. The sandstone wall is amazing.xx

  5. Looking great, love the stone wall! ;-)


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