Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Building Progress: 9 weeks to go!

With only two months to go (yes, that's right, we have to move out of our rental on September 10th!), things are moving full steam ahead. It will be tight but I'm positive we'll do it!

The outdoor sandstone wall by the pool is being built ...

And the internal sandstone wall that spans the entry down to the level below is underway.

The 'floating' stairs leading from the entry up to the living have been erected.

The timber floors are going down (pictures to come), the gyprocking is nearly completed, the joiner has begun making his 'bits', we have finalised the curtains and blinds and now, we have to decide on paint colours and pool tiles. Bring on those test pots!


  1. Eeeeek!! How exciting Jane, I bet you can't sleep at night, planning & dreaming of finally moving in, YAY!!!

  2. Thats so exciting Jane!! its going to look amazing!!! love the brick inside and the floating stairways!! wow!!
    Laura xx

  3. Hey!
    I hope you have moved succesfully into the new house. It looks really nice!
    I'm from Denmark, and I'm constructing something similar regarding your construction of your floating stairs, and I couldn't find such technical drawings like the ones you have. So my question is; is there a possibility that you might have some information about the stairs; like steel-type and steel-thickness of the frame and the steel steps, and how the steps are mounded on the main frame?
    It would really help me on the way with my stairs if you could answer my questions ;-)
    Best wishes


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