Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buidling Progress: Six weeks to go! (Are you kidding?)

I don't know who's kidding who but with only six weeks to go there's still a lot to do but there is progress ...

The bathrooms are ready to be tiled. Seen here: downstairs' bathroom - the bath will go along the back wall between the windows, the vanity under the recess, the toilet where the large pipe is coming out of the wall.

The walls are ready to be painted. Seen here: guest bedroom with the hole for the niche shelving above the bed and the wardrobe behind.

The bathroom appliances are being delivered in time for their placement. Seen here: the place where the master bath will go - just in case there is any confusion!

The entry is coming along.

The garage was coming along until it turned into a storage room.

The laundry is well ... a boy's loo!

And this: the view from up the path outside the property.


  1. It's looking great but yes, quite a bit to do in 6 weeks. I bet those bathrooms are going to make me jealous!

  2. Its amazing how quickly things come togethor, its going to be awesome Jane!!

  3. You'll be counting those weeks down, surely? The front of your house looks pretty cool! xx

  4. Woo Hoo! Only six weeks to go, that is fantastic. I am feeling a little envious, your house sounds fabulous. xx


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