Friday, July 8, 2011

Flower Friday

Flowers are like a ray of sunshine, I reckon.

Love the picture arrangement in the background, too.

Who would have thought sticking them in a bird cage would work?

Okay, so the flowers aren't the main feature here but they add to the fun rug and mish-mash of stuff that looks comfy and welcoming.

What is going on with those frames? Kind of like it, though.

I think everyone should buy themselves a bunch of bright flowers - or pick their own - for the weekend!


  1. Love, love, love fresh flowers. My house and my desk are always filled with fresh flowers, or fresh leaves in vases when the flower pickings are slim.

    Amazing how they can so quickly change the ambience of a room.

    I'm a bit keen on that yellow blanket in the last image too!

  2. I love the flowers coming out of the birdcage this looks so pretty, thanks you've given me ideas for my birdcages!

  3. Now thats a fabulous idea! Have a great weekend Jane

  4. couldnt agree more jane!!! love the flowers in the birdcage too!!! have a wonderful weekend gorgeous!! Laura xx

  5. These are gorgeous spaces! I'm loving that lovely birdcage and those frames. Enjoy the beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx


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