Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bedroom Mood Boards

Anyone interested in door handles?

Me neither!

So even though we've just finalised the door handles, I'd rather show you a bit of a taster of what is likely to be going on in the bedrooms (of course it could all change but we're getting to the pointy end so final decisions will have to be made!) ...

The master bedroom:
From left to right: curtains (Melaleuca Stripe in Sandstone), walls (Dulux Bone White), wallpaper behind bed (Jocelyn Warner Treetops in Birch), lampshades (Cloth Kangaroo Paw in Surf), bed (Chivasso in Tango). As it's all getting quite beige-gold, I'll need to bring in some more of the teal colour from the Cloth fabric - maybe in a doona cover or throw to liven it up.

Guest bedroom:
From left to right: red accent cushion (from The Poi Room in NZ), wallpaper behind the bed (Porter's Paints Dragonfly), niche shelving above bed (Resene Triple Masala), walls (Dulux Bone White), curtains (Westbury - Balthazar in Silver).

Girls' bedrooms
To tie in with their bedroom linen, the girls have chosen (with a little help from us!) paints to go on the wall behind their beds. Daughter #2 will have Porter's Paints Georgian Blue and Daughter #1 Porter's Paints Monkey Magic (both of which look better in person than in this photo!).


  1. Yes, yes and yes. Great choices.
    A paint colour called 'monkey magic'! I would choose it just
    Because of the name!

  2. Lots of planing there and it all looks great. Looking forward to seeing it in reality through your photos. ;-)

  3. Very tasteful, with lots of scope for accent colours. Decorating is surely the exciting bit now the build is full steam ahead!!

  4. You have exquisite taste! I love the fabric with the Kangaroo Paw and everything else. Can't wait to see it all put together. Rachaelx

  5. wow, loving hte progress that i'm catching up on here! it's looking amazing jane!! love those Cloth pillows you made too. Too good!


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