Monday, June 28, 2010

Home Love Inspiration

Had to make a visit to the mall on the weekend. Yeah, I know: ugh! Sometimes I don't mind it, but this weekend I really didn't want to go but my girls were insisting and there were things we needed - boring things like gumboots so we can romp around the muddy dog park without a care in the world for our shoes!

But that's an aside. I took the opportunity to make a purchase that will hopefully help me on my interior decorating journey. With still some money left on a Dymocks book voucher from my birthday last November, I decided to buy - instead of a novel which is what I'd usually indulge in - a book that got a lot of press when it came out a month or two ago: Home Love by well-known Sydney design consultant, stylist and props collector, Megan Morton.

With a subtitle of '100 inspiring ideas for creating beautiful rooms' I couldn't resist.

It is fat and juicy with gorgeous pictures and looks at everything from 'Pleasing an early teen' (that's me!), 'The laundry as a retreat' (I will need convincing on that one) to 'Charming the pants off a room' (definitely want to learn the secrets of this) and the art of the 'Perfect display'.

To see more of Megan's fabulousness, see the Design Files' post that Lucy did on her late last year, here.

P.S. It looks like we can get the price down considerably on the sewer pipe encasing debacle so work can continue and the rest of the build isn't held up. Thankfully, the guys were able to plug it over the weekend to avert disaster! Phew.

That's all for now, folks!


  1. Ohh I am glad you can get the price down...That book sounds so good and I love that picture wall...and the bag wall is adorable:)
    Have a wonderful Monday:)

  2. have been meaning to get my hands on a copy of that book. thanks for the sneak peek, looks great!

    good luck with the pipe issues, i know all too well how infrastrucutre can be a bloody nightmare!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I may have to add this book to my (already too large) collection - it looks gorgeous! So glad I stumbled across your beautiful blog. Look forward to your next post. Michelle

  4. I've just bought this book home recently and absolutely love it. My favourite room is the bachelorette pad with the ridiculously big chapiz chandelier ... a girl can only dream :)


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