Friday, June 4, 2010

Window-less Views

View from master bedroom

Great news: The camera cord has been found! It was squirrelled away by hubby and he couldn't quite remember where! So now I can download my photos and show you what's left of the house.

View of the back garden from the living room

You could call it draught-central.

The study window where the built-in desk once was

Or empty rooms with window-less views.

The kitchen - the orange splashback hangs precariously from the wall

Or just plain, demolition-city.

The girl's bedroom

As you can see, all the interiors bits - from the large bits ie the kitchen to the small bits ie the mixers to all the ones in-between ie laundry tub, ceiling fan and toilets - have gone. Except for the bath - too hard to get out without causing damage.

The main bathroom

The only hardwood floors in the house are gone - carefully uplifted and are now stored in our garage awaiting a magic revival and transformation into a table. They were in the part of the living room where we had a small dining table and two leather armchairs. The space was once an outdoor verandah that had, at some point, been enclosed.

This is where our small six-seater (just) round dining table sat

The area once looked like this

You can see the two layers of brick used to clad the house. The lime and mortar is crumbling away so you can just pull them out by hand. Apparently the bricks are better quality than what you can buy now so, instead of letting a brick recycler get their hands on them, we're going to use them as part our reverse brick veneer (where the exterior cladding is timber, followed by insulation, followed by brick, followed by wall - a sustainble way of getting a good heating/cooling system going).

The study

I'll leave you with a view from the study window when there was once a window ...



  1. That's great that you are going to reuse the floorboards and bricks. Looks like a lot of work ahead - to say the obvious!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow...That is a lot of work...I cant wait to see how it will look! Good luck with that my dear!!! I love stuff like that:)

  3. It's great to see you repurpose and recylce as much of the house as you can. Exciting times ahead, no doubt!

  4. ooooh, big changes afoot. that's exciting! looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

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