Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rockin' Rocking Chair

You may remember I mentioned my Mum's old rocking chair which was passed on to me several years ago that I loved but was looking a little worse for wear? Well, my friend Camilla of S.H.E furniture has waved her magic wand and spruced it up for me. Unfortunately I didn't take any 'before' photos but you can see how lovely it looks now ...

When I say 'waved her magic wand' she actually spent about 10 hours sanding it back to get rid of all the staining (there was lots apparently and it was beginning to peel), and fixing up the back leg ends that had been chewed by my old dog! She then put Estapol - a special polyurethane wood finish - on it to give it a lovely matt sheen and make it look brand new again.

They also made me a cushion in Cloth fabric - one side to match the mid-century chairs they 'upcycled' for me.

And the other side to match the other chairs I have up at Hardys Bay.

Mum reckons the chair is at least 45 years old, if not more. So now I reckon it'll easily last another 45, especially as Camilla thought it well made and in good condition despite the stains and chewed ends. Maybe one day my girls will sit in it and rock their little children on their laps as my mother did with me and so on down the generations ...


  1. That is such a great chair and the pillow really goes well with it!
    I adore your post...Its so sweet!
    Kisses and have a wonderful Sunday:)

  2. I love the finish on it. She did a lovely job. There is nothing better than a well-made chair!

  3. There's something so comforting about a rocker, particularly with some history. How good would it be to hand down to future generations with much sentiment!


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