Friday, June 18, 2010

Vintage Keys

Still on my travels to Sydney's Dank St (you can see I had a good time on this visit!), we went to one shop whose name I am sorry to say I forget, but it was in the PYD Building, and some things caught my eye ...

large, vintage Indian keys and ...

kitchen scale weights ...

I love their heavy solidity, rich colour and sense of history. The keys remind me of my old French cellar door key necklace, which I happened to be wearing that day!

The weight I plan to use as exactly that - a paper weight - and I'm thinking of framing the keys in a white box frame.

I found two bloggers who have done just this - here and here - but as I am unable to upload their photos, you'll have to click on the link to see what they look like.

What do you think? Any ideas for other things I could do with the keys?

P.S The build officially started on Tuesday (hooray!) but the first few weeks will be all about getting the site prepared, taking off the roof and dismantling the bricks, literally, brick by brick so we can re-use them. It's all very exciting, although slightly surreal. For not being there, makes it feel like it's not really happening!


  1. I have a few old beautiful pieces which are hanging as a mobile...I love them :) Such a great finds, darling!
    I am so excited about Tuesday :) Yuppie...good for you darling :)
    Happy Friday:)

  2. Love the keys - did you see the chunky old padlocks at Doug's when you were there? When I explained to my husband that I wanted to hang three on the wall he looked at me as if I were a lunatic... he and I are not often on the same design page!

  3. Could the store have been The Country Trader? Looks like their sort of thing!

  4. Thanks for all your comments gals! Ann - I didn't see the padlocks but they sound great and I think you should go and hang them up and hubby might just change his mind! And InnerCityChic - it wasn't Country Trader as we went there (I love their dining tables despite the exorbitant cost!) - it was a small shop next to the cafe..?


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