Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week One of the Build

The build has officially been going for one week now - yipee! It feels surreal not being there. Although I could pop down daily, I don't want to get in the way and I also want to keep an element of surprise. My plan is weekly visits unless I'm urgently needed. So far, the front fence and garage are gone.

Now, they are merely a pile of rubble on the front lawn.

The beautiful bricks we can re-use.

Pretty isn't it?

With the garage gone, the builders have erected a 'bridge over rubbled waters' to the house.

Where you'll find a roof-less kitchen ...

a roofless master bedroom (it's amazing how much bigger and lighter everything looks without a ceiling!) ...

a non-room with a view...

and a floor-less, roof-less living space.

But I promise I won't keep posting pictures of rubble and muck and roof-less rooms forever. Even the kookaburra in the neighbour's tree looked non-plussed ...

Over the next week I'm going to scout around for some rubble-less, muck-less, homes with roofs that will be far more visually appealing, eye-catching and inspirational.

Watch this space!
LOL :)


  1. It will be really great to see it all as it unfolds. I doubt I could limit myself to weekly visits though - more like almost every day :)
    The builders would definitely be sick of me!

  2. You'd be surprised how many people don't mind the sight of rubble when it is the unfolding of a house build. Very exciting for you!

  3. I love projects like that...Ah I cant wait how it all will come together:)
    Kisses sweetie and happy Tuesday

  4. Wow, what a project! I will follow you till it's all done. Thanks for sharing! You go girl!


    Lise M.

  5. Thanks for all your enthusiasm! I think once the actual build itself starts, then I might be pestering the builders. Am more keen on doing the interiors than anything else!!


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