Saturday, June 18, 2011

Secondhand plates and cake!

Posted by PicasaI've got these secondhand  plates, see.

Which my daughter reminded me I had when she made a delicious chocolate cake the other day and used one of the plates to serve up a slice.

It was very yummy (the cake that is).

But the thing is, I used to have these plates on a wall when we had a villa but for the past few years they've been in a cupboard. They looked good in an old house but soon we'll be in a new modern house and they just won't go.

Do I keep them just for cake?

(By they way, if you want the cake recipe go to Dachshunds Daisies and Design, my daughter's new blog!)


  1. Yes you should keep them. I love using different plates for party food, cheese boards and dips n crackers. Bit more more fun than the traditional platters.

  2. I look forward to see your new house!!!



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