Sunday, June 12, 2011

Building Progress

There's been a lot going on at the building site and I finally feel like a proper house is taking shape slowly but surely which is exciting. I took a stack of photos when I went down on Friday to share with you ...

The big news is that the final window we were waiting on has gone in: the kitchen splashback! It is made from reinforced glass as the cooktop will be under it and when the joinery is in the frame will be invisible.

The rumpus room exposed bricks (from the original house) have been cleaned up and are ready to be coated in a special sealer and the cupboards either side are being built.

The downstairs rooms have been gyprocked such as seen here in one of the girls' bedrooms.

These are two views of the entrance way (above and below - timber stairs to come) and I am just envisaging the ostrich feather pendant light I've bought hanging above (which thankfully got through customs without too much of a hitch - although I do wonder what I was thinking when I ordered it direct as Australian customs officials do not like to see the words 'feather' in a shipment! But that's another story ...)

The electrician is nearly finished wiring the place and there are wires for Africa everywhere!

The garage is well underway and the roof is now on.

There are all sorts of other bits and bobs happening and plenty of decisions to be made ie heights of light switches, placement of heated towel rails, curtaining/blind specifics, confirmation of all light fittings, bathroom tiles, pool tiles, fencing issues, plant decisions ... the list goes on!

All I can say is rock on September 10 which is the date we've been told we can move in. What's more, we've now also been given a letter to vacate from our landlord, which means we'll have to be in whether it's finished or not!

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  1. How excitement! I love the kitchen window with the cooktop below it idea. Can't wait to see it finished..Rachaelxx


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