Monday, June 6, 2011

Look what I found ...

Naughty, naughty, naughty!
Never has Ruby been allowed on our bed. Ever.
And yet ... one rainy day she decides to make our bed her bed!

I think she thinks if she ignores me, I'll go away and leave her be.

Fat chance, my friend!


  1. Ha! Ruby looks so natural in your bed. She's gorgeous!

  2. Oh but she looks so cost there!!

  3. omg, i know that look too well. my old border collie has the exact same one. oh, ruby is a sweet heart! xx

  4. Oh, such a litte cutie!!! You gotta love´em for trying, even if they often know what the rules are:)!

  5. He he he, anythings worth a try, I wonder how long she has been admiring that spot before she finally built up the courage to jump up!!!!

  6. Oh, that's too sweet a face to kick out of bed!

  7. Just because she colour-coordinates doesn't mean she's allowed up there!! Thanks for the comments everyone!

  8. oh boy, once they're up there it's hard to get them off! i know that's how our 2 ended up sleeping with us :) she's adorable!!


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