Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY Lampshades

So ... I had a plain lampshade that I thought could do with a zshush.

And I bought another one so we could have two new bedside table lights.

I found some instructions on the Beach Vintage blog (because I am incapable of working out how to do these things on my own!).

I bought some fabric from Cloth Fabric (Kangaroo Paw in Surf on Cream), some cream ribbon and spray adhesive.

And began ...

It was trickier than I thought as the shades taper in slightly at the top so the fabric couldn't be cut on the straight and needed to wind around the shade so it wouldn't bubble when sprayed with adhesive.

The hot glue gun proved tricky too. I'd never used one before and didn't realise how quickly the glue set and can become lumpy if not let to spread. Cue: daughter #1 who is an expert and helped me glue on the ribbon.

Between us, the lampshades were done in no time and if you don't look too closely, they don't look too bad!

During the day and at night ...

I'm now going to make some cushions for the bed from Cloth Fabric remnant samples!


  1. Wow, they came up a treat! Cloth fabric is stunning, nice choice.

  2. Great result, admirable indeed. Clever girls!!

  3. They turned out so well. I love the fabric, Cloth do the most beautiful fabrics. I have been eyeing some off to cover a footstool thingy at home.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Well done, the lamp looks great, beuatiful fabric. Hope you had a great weekend. G

  5. What a great transformation. I like the fabric too. DIY is so much fun. Most of the time.


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