Monday, February 22, 2010

Light Lust

Everyone who knows me knows I've got a thing for lights. I can't help it! Everywhere I go - whether it's a restaurant or shop or website-surfing - I am drawn to the lighting. And, quite frankly, why wouldn't you be, when there are SO many cool lights around that can not only add a beautiful atmosphere to a room but are like works of art themselves.

Now that we've got four quite different lights in our rather small living area - two standing and two table that range from driftwood beach-style to ostrich feather to industrial metal - I can honestly say that you can never have too many lights! (Or am I just biaised?).

And now I've found even more. So indulge me, here, please ...

So cute - the Lucellino light by Ingo Maurer from Space Furniture designed way back in 1992.

Elegant pendant light - imaged styled by stylist Camilla Julner. Image courtesy Desire to Inspire.

And another by Camilla Julner - love the feathers! Image courtesy Desire to Inspire.

Stunning table lamp offset beautifully by the white walls and furniture and the lime green shelving. Image courtesy Belle Maison.

Quirky and original 'Favourite Things' pendant light by Swedish designer Chen Karlsson as shown at Stockholm design week. Image courtesy Emmas Blogg.

I call this the 'squiggle' light for all writers who like to doodle! From E-Architect, the Biscuit house in Lyon by architect Pierre Minassian.

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