Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dining Tables

I’ve been thinking a lot about dining tables recently – mainly because we will be moving out of our house in about two months and I want to make sure the dark timber floorboards of the original house are kept so they can be reused.

Initially I wanted to have a long, trestle-style table made from the floorboards for our entrance-way but am now wondering whether or not to get a 10-seater dining table made as well. How cool would that look? These are the floorboards - which actually look darker in real life - from which we could get a mirror frame or photo frames made as well.

This Queens Park Residence in Sydney by CplusC Architects and Builders had this Kauri pine table custom-made from floorboards of the original home which looks great against the darker timber throughout the house.

In the meantime, I have been looking around at other possible dining tables we could purchase, such as these French rustic tables from Rust up at Avalon on Sydney's Northern beaches ...

I also quite like round dining tables which are cosier and great for ensuring everyone can take part in the one conversation. A beautiful dining nook in the home of Mara Murphy from Dutch Door Press.

Or modern ones, like this one from eco-friendly Australian designer furniture Jardan ...

Or this one from Designs in Timber from Tasmania ...

Or this one, called 'Hugo', from Australian designers Norman + Quaine at Living Edge - which actually looks terrible in this picture and much nicer in person!

Oh, the choices!


  1. Spacify offer a wide selection of Dining Room Tables for your modern dining area.

  2. Thanks Andry - they've certainly got a wide choice and so many different styles. At this rate I'll be needing more than one dining space!


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